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Franchisee Services

The most frequent statement that we hear from majority of the nursing students is that they dream of going back to their home town and taking care of patients in the community they have grown-up. Star Care has the ability to make this dream a reality by providing critical clinical and administrative skill training in addition to providing cutting edge technology platform to provide world class Starcare Healthcare @Home in a franchise setting.

Administrative skill training includes written and oral communication skill improvement in order to communicate and connect to patients and their families in a consistent, clear and protocol driven manner.

Clinical skill training emphasizes protocol and process driven patient treatment and education capabilities to bring world class home health services to homes across India.

Technology solution includes protocols and platform to provide home health services in a structured and organized setting. This includes initial order from a physician, assessment of patient needs, development of plan of care that is approved by the patient’s physician, providing visits on a coordinated basis to achieve positive outcomes in patient treatment.

Franchise operators are carefully screened, qualified and trained to maintain quality of services. Franchise applicants are required to work with Star Care for a period of time to demonstrate competency and capabilities to meet the standards of Star Care.

Franchise operators are also allowed to continue to grow their operations into specialized home healthcare services including specialized focus on diabetes, hypertension, cardiac and wound care services. Each one of these areas brings about world class protocols, policies and procedures to help patients recover in their home setting.

If you are interested to find how to qualify to be a Star Care Franchisee, contact us to setup an appointment to meet for additional details: or Call +91 - 040 - 23554103/ 23554104 / 23554105 (Weekdays 9:30am to 7pm). Interested parties should have a Physician, Nursing or Therapy background.

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