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Nurse Education

Our Vision: Strengthening ANM, GNM and BSc nursing clinical and patient management skills to provide world class care.

We believe that a significant majority of the youth in India have the capability to be a world class professional, if they are given access to the right education & support in skill development. Thirty years ago, a few privileged families succeed in sending their children abroad for higher education. Twenty years ago, upper middle class families were able to send their children overseas for higher education. In the last ten years, many of middle class families too were successful in sending their children overseas for studies and eventually, employment. But, this has been focused exclusively for physicians, engineers in software industry. In the recent years, a few nurses were successful in going overseas in search of employment.

It is our commitment to bring overseas experience to nurses in India leveraging over 23 years of experience in healthcare industry in USA. We have healthcare service experience in addition to technology design, development & implementation experience. We also have access to world class nursing educational institutions in USA that are in partnership with our organization.
With our experience in USA & India, we have gained significant understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the working professionals in the nursing sector in India. In addition to academic knowledge, key to any professional success is work experience.

Working overseas, students graduating from schools in India have succeed because of that unique experience. We want to bring that overseas work experience model to nursing students in India to improve their verbal communication, written communication, protocol follow-up capabilities in addition to documentation skills. We have designed modular courses that focus on delivering specific clinical skills while incorporating the communications, protocols and documentation requirements into the same. We are proud to bring real world work experience to the students in India without having them to travel overseas for that work experience.

We will screen & qualify students to join our program to identify students with potential to learn from experienced nurses & protocols from USA.

Why do we screen?
We would like to have each one of our students the experience to be learning in a high quality environment, from high quality faculty in the company of high quality students. Any faculty member is only as effective as the students are interested in learning. We believe that there are a significant number of students who are very interested in learning. Our screening is designed to identify those students who have the inherent qualities to absorb the essence of our lesson to succeed in their place of work or in a self employment model.

What is the structure of each class?
  • “LIVE TEACHER FROM USA mode: Online, alternating with onsite teacher, will help the students to develop clinical knowledge, protocol management, soft skills and good communication skills
  • Initial 30-day module will focus on diabetic screening protocol developed in USA. Second 30-day module will focus on hypertension. Following classes to focus on Cardiac care services.
  • Home screening diabetic module provides skills for part time or full time self employment capabilities with online medical records & support services
  • For those who are interested in going abroad, this training gives a good experience on patient/disease management overseas
  • On completion of the 30-day module, a course completion certificate is issued by STARCARE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, a subsidiary of Star Tech Group, USA.
  • Student database will be maintained and guidance will be provided to students based on their career interest & area of specialty.
  • Batch limited to 25 students only. First come, first enrollment basis
  • Classes will be held on site, in our offices at Cyber Towers @ HiTec City

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