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Star Care has experience in working in the open source space. We mainly contribute on GLPI software that is a free tickets system. Star Tech Group provides complete expertise for IT Helpdesk and asset management including requirement gathering, installation, configuration, integration, training and development. The following open source services are offered by our team:

  • Product Evaluation and Gap Analysis: Full-fledged evaluation framework for open source products for specific business needs and continued process of operations gap analysis.
  • Low Cost Architecture Solutions: Provide key solutions to reduce expenses by suggesting open source based alternatives.
  • Consulting and Application Development: Dedicated team to help an enterprise understand business benefits; Build applications & solutions the best in business open source stack of products.
  • Application Migration and automation alternatives: Migration of older, inflexible commercial software to open source; Innovation automation strategies that are capable of excelling expected industry standard.

Star Care is providing technical support for server administration, server security and remote server management to datacenters. We specialize in administration and support of Linux/UNIX/Windows servers, products and services. Our team fully understands that uptime, security, and reliability are of utmost importance to any company. We work on complex issues on servers to reduce downtime and improve performance. We are able to offer the highest quality support services available today by having best and brightest young minds.

Star Care develops powerful solutions using the Microsoft .NET or Java/J2EE platform. If you are looking for a robust, scalable and secure software design that uses .NET/Java development best practices, our company can help. Our team of experienced programmers can enable your next .NET/Java software development initiative across. Star Care technology team provides all kind of application development services. We have delivered the highly secured and time saving business applications, logical and smart computer applications, Fast and future Web applications, User friendly and advanced mobile applications.

Programmers, architects, systems analysts are used to working traditional, pure technology organizations. Star Care is a unique organization that has significant experience in focused implementation of information technologies within the healthcare and educational enterprises across the United States of America. We are unique in that we also provide services in partnership with our clients that makes our approach completely integrated with large institutions including hospital systems, universities and school systems across the United States of America.

Our 360-degree wrap-around healthcare and education ecosystems provides an unique opportunity for information system professionals to build a career with the new cloud based service model that has begun to dominate all industries. Our employees develop a deep understanding in healthcare and education environments that creates a unique value proposition to our customers.

Our belief is that the traditional, broad based application design, development and implementation is rapidly winding down with the rapid evolution of cloud based solutions and mobile technologies. In this new era, Star Care is positioned extremely well to offer significant growth opportunities for our employees due to our extensive 20 years track record in the U.S.A.

Star Care Technology solutions have a demonstrated success in designing, developing and implementing best in class technologies in the following areas for very large healthcare systems in USA. Examples of our technology capabilities shared below:

Azure Cloud Solutions:

Azure Cloud based Educational, Health and Career focused platform: The system is built upon services in the foundational layers that are designed to support the functionality built in the higher layers that the user actually interacts with. Our vision for the system is to be massively scalable by simply adding cloud resources to the solution. As such, the platform is separated out into service layers that can be accessed via various elements of the solution. For example, the SQL Server 2008 is (one or more) SQL Azure databases that contain configuration information and summary data regarding the members, programs, schedules, etc.

The data storage requirements of the system are examined carefully to determine which pieces must be stored in the database and which can be stored in Azure Table Storage or Azure Blob Storage. Data that must be directly included in SSRS reports, or that have high reliability or response time requirements should be stored directly in SQL Azure. Everything else should be stored in Azure Storage. Azure Storage can be further configured in a pseudo-table format. The SQL Server database should never contain blob fields. These should be stored in Azure Blob Storage without public URL visibility. If needed to stream to the user, these files can be retrieved from storage and delivered through the Web interface.

SharePoint – Cloud

Design, development and implementation of Office 365 SharePoint environment in large healthcare systems and educational institutions across the U.S.A. Star Care has been providing following three types of SharePoint services in Healthcare and Educational Institutional client base.

Internal Infrastructure for Departments:

Provides Infrastructural and Development Support that includes:

  1. High availability of SharePoint Infrastructure by Management and Administration of SharePoint Servers.
  2. Robust Construction and Implementation of SharePoint servers.
  3. Provision of New SharePoint Services to facilitate the Business needs.
  4. Development of SharePoint Business Components.
  5. Simplification and smooth functioning of Departmental Operations using Workflows

External Infrastructure for Public:

Provides Administration and Development Support that includes:

  1. Maintenance and Troubleshooting SharePoint External sites 24x7
  2. Management of Server Infrastructure of the SharePoint Farm
  3. Providing 24x7 Support for SharePoint Database Infrastructure
  4. Enhancement of SharePoint Server Performance

Migration of Internal Infrastructure to o365

Star Care had migrated “On-Premise SharePoint Infrastructure” to Microsoft Cloud “O365 (Cloud)”. The Migration Process includes:

  1. Development of Custom SharePoint Module
  2. Architecting and Designing the Structure
  3. Providing Support for the Cloud Infrastructure
  4. Providing Aesthetic Look and Feel between both the environments

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