Protecting and improving family and community health is an essential priority that we are committed to promote for children, adults and seniors with world class healthcare @ home

StarCare Values

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Our Responsibility

In a complex world of healthcare services, we will deliver quality family life by simplifying medical service management for consumers in India.

In a highly complex world of healthcare, consumers are challenged with healthcare service complexity. Complexity adds cost, confusion and destroys value. Simplifying healthcare, we will deliver quality family life. We will make it easy for our consumers to manage their healthcare needs.

Our Belief:

We believe that every consumer understands value & deserves best in class services.

We believe that every consumer understands value. Our design provides control to the consumer to manage their healthcare needs, easy to work with the physicians and with all other services providers including pharmacies, labs, diagnostic centers.

Our Path

Customizing services to the individual in your family is the strategic path we are committed to.

A unique unit of service is the individual consumer. We are on the road to customize services to the individual in your family, maximizing benefits and value. That means, we will treat every consumer as an individual member, manage their information to bring benefit to the consumer.

Our Mission: Design focus is ‘your family’. Deliver ‘Healthcare Designed 4 U’.

Family is the natural unit of life. Our design focus is to integrate health care services across all generations, customized to the needs of family members and supporting individual preferences. Star Care platform is designed to support management of healthcare services for all age groups i.e. children, young adults, adults and seniors.

Our Vision: Design leverage is ‘health family’. Excel in ‘Consumer Directed Value’.

Medical family includes all medical professionals, facilities and suppliers. Our design leverages all the members of the medical family in delivery of customized care for individual consumers.

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